Our Piercing Services

Price Cutters Piercing services include: Ear, Facial, Body, Dermal and Surface.

Ear Piercing

At Price Cutters, we believe in creative expression, and we think Ear Piercing is a great way to showcase your unique style. Ear Piercing is for everybody, and every person should have access to safe and affordable piercings. We offer SS316L Surgical Steel, Titanium and Implant Grade Titanium or 14K Gold jewellery options and lobe piercings can be done via needle technique or cartridge method. All other ear piercings are carried out with the needle technique.

Face and Nose and Body Piercing

All body piercings carried out at Price Cutters are done with the needle technique.
Our experienced team will walk you through the piercing and jewellery selection process, answer any questions you have and offer styling advice. If the piercing you have been considering doesn’t work with your body, our team will talk you through options that will.
Our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable the whole way through.

Children’s Ear Piercing

Ear piercing for littlies, children and teens is something Price Cutters is known for. Get your child’s ears pierced safely and quickly with double operators from $45.

Our Piercing pricelist

Standard Piercings
Conch $45
Helix $45
Tragus $45
Forward Helix $45
Anti-Tragus $45
Rook $45
Daith $45
Nostril $45
Septum $45
Eyebrow $45
Bridge $45
Lip $45
Labret $45
Philtrum $45
Vertical Labret $45
Tongue $45
Navel $45
Nipple (18+) $45
Ashley $45
Jestrum $45
Outer Conch (Flat) $45
Smiley $45
Snug $45
Transverse Lobe $45
Doubles (snake bites etc) $75
Triples (triple helix etc) $100
Ear Lobes
Birthstones $35
Cubic Zirconias $40
Something Fun $40
Titanium $45
Solid 14kt Gold $60
Double Operator Service $10
More Piercings (*Select stores only. Please enquire ahead).
Industrial/Scaffold $60
Surface w/ staple bar $60
Dermal $65
Cheeks (both) $90
Dahlias (both) $75
High Nostril (both) $75
Paired Tongue $75
Upgrade your Piercing.
External Thread Titanium $10
Internal Thread Titanium $15
Gam Ball (external thread only) $5
Segment Ring $5
Nose Ring $10
At Price Cutters, we use only the highest quality piercing techniques, providing safe, efficient, and convenient piercing options for all ages.